Terms of Service

Terms of Service


1. Scope of Application and Object.

1.1 Scope of application.

These general conditions regulate the relationship between the owner of this website and its registered users or customers, starting from the contracting of services carried out through the website www.asesorae.com for the provision of services by ASESORAE.

The purpose of this website is to present and make available to the user the provision of tax, accounting, labor and ancillary advisory services, through this online platform.

To this end, ASESORAE offers several established service plans to be provided according to the client's profile and needs: Entrepreneurial Plan, Autonomous Plan and SME Plan with different characteristics.

The contracting of any of these services implies that the user must accept these conditions in advance and in an express manner, at the appropriate time indicated to them.

The provisions of the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy will also apply to the contracting of services, with the general contracting conditions prevailing over the previous ones. The specific contracting conditions, if any, will also apply, which will be detailed at the time the service is contracted.

1.2. Object.

These conditions are intended to regulate the general conditions for contracting services contracted with ASESORAE by its clients. ASESORAE offers several Plans within its range of services, which in turn contain specific conditions to be taken into account. These characteristics or peculiarities are also described on the website. Before the acceptance of the contract for services, both the general and specific conditions of the service will be informed and must be validated by the customer.

The contracting of services can be carried out by any professional, natural or legal person who requires the services offered by ASESOSAE. For this purpose, however, it will be essential to register on the platform.

With regard to data processing, the provisions of the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy will be followed.

2. Contracting Procedure.

2.1. Registration and Registration as a User.

Before proceeding with the contracting of ASESORAE services, it is necessary for the user to register as a registered user through the website www.asesorae.com, providing for this purpose freely and voluntarily the personal data that may be required of them.

The registration will be done by filling out a form with your name and surname, mobile phone number, an email account and password creation, or through your Facebook or Google profile.

Subsequently, a message with an activation code will be sent to the indicated email address, which must be entered to activate the newly created account. If you have not received the email, you can request the forwarding of the email through a tab on the web.

2.2. Next Steps.

Once the account has been active, and the user is already registered, in order to contract the services of ASESORAE, they must detail the data that are also required, following the steps of the platform, necessary for the provision of the services, all in compliance with current Data Protection regulations.

You will have the option of selecting the services you request to be provided by ASESORAE, including the selection of the Entrepreneurial Plan, Autonomous Plan and SME Plan, whose characteristics are detailed in the https://www.asesorae.com/precios/ section of the website, and you can select the additional services indicated, as well as the possibility of opting for a monthly or annual contract period and billing. At each moment you can view all the price information established for the services requested.

The payment and billing data necessary to carry out the contracting and provision of requested services will be included, in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy and the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and the guarantee of digital rights.
The platform will indicate the fields that are required until the contract is finalized and signed. 2.3. Acceptance of the general and specific contracting conditions.

Once all the fields indicated have been filled in for the purpose of being able to contract the requested services, the acceptance of the general and particular contracting conditions will be confirmed by activating the button “I have read and accept the contracting conditions” that will appear before the user proceeds definitively to the contract, and before proceeding to make the payment of them or confirm their intention to contract.

Once the contract conditions have been accepted, the Customer must indicate the debit/credit card details authorized for the first payment that will be charged to it at the time of contracting, as well as the subsequent recurring payments for the contracted services, which will be processed by direct debit on the indicated card.

Finally, a contract document will be generated containing the corresponding particular conditions according to the services selected by the customer. Once the services have been expressly accepted and contracted, an email will be sent to which the contract document generated through the options previously selected by the user will be attached. The latter may review it, and if he agrees with its content, he will give his consent through an advanced electronic signature provided through the ASESORAE provider, Signaturit Solutions, SL. whose system complies with the requirements established in Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of July 23, 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Law 59/2003, of December 19, on electronic signatures.

The company Signaturit has as its central service the solution based on advanced electronic signatures, with full legal validity and which complies with the latest established regulations, both in the European Union (Regulation (EU) 910/2014) and the national electronic signature regulations. From that moment on, the contracting of the service has been fully perfected. Then, a message will be sent by email, confirming the contract made and welcoming you as a customer. You will also receive a summary of the particular conditions associated with each service.

Any service subsequently offered by ASESORAE will be subject to new consent provided by the customer subject to the same conditions as the initial contract.

3. Recruitment requirements.

3.1. Age of majority

In order to be a customer of ASESORAE and to contract the services, the user must be, at least, of legal age.

In Spain, a sufficient majority means the age of 18, so any service contracted through ASESORAE by minors under that age will not be valid. In this sense, if it were ever detected that a minor has contracted any of the services offered by ASESORAE, the service would be automatically canceled.

In the case of acting on behalf of a company or representing a legal entity, you must have the relevant authorizations and/or powers to contract our services.

3.2. Manifestations of compliance with formal requirements

By purchasing the services available through this website, the user and/or customer declares:

- Who is an adult with the capacity to hire.
- That you have read, understood and accepted these General Contracting Conditions.

4. Price of services.

4.1. Price and services.

The price for the contracted services will be communicated to you during the contracting process and once confirmed, through a contract with specific conditions of the contracted services. In addition, before starting the contracting process, you can check the applicable prices for contracted services in the “Prices” section through https://www.asesorae.com/precios/.

4.2. Applicable taxes.

ASESORAE's fees must be increased by the amount corresponding to the IGIC and to any other tax that replaces it in the future or that is also applicable. In addition, the supplements that ASESOSAE would have to satisfy in the performance of its functions must be added, depending on the planned services, that were not included in the agreed price, as well as the additional services approved by the CLIENT that are provided by ASESORAE during the reference month. Likewise, those that may arise from expenses derived from any action before Agencies that result in the settlement of Fees or Fees of third parties are not included in the said fees.

4.3. Price modification.

Advise the customer that ASESORAE reserves the right to change prices at any time, after notifying customers.

5. Length of service.

The duration of the service will always be for the selected term, annual or monthly, and will also be paid depending on the chosen form, in accordance with the specific conditions of each contract.

After the deadline, the services will be extended for the same initially contracted period of one month or one year. If you do not want to extend the services, you must inform ASESORAE within the time limits established in the specific conditions contained in the contract, taking into account the initial contracting period.

6. Obligations of the customer or user.

The customer undertakes to pay the amount for the service provided within the period established in the specific contracting conditions. The customer must make good use of the ASESORAE platform and service offered, without contravening current legislation or harming the rights and interests of third parties.

The user is obliged to provide truthful information, for the contracting and subsequent provision of the contracted service.

When contracting services, the user will always be of legal age, an essential requirement to be able to contract.

You will also be responsible for complying with the conditions and form or execution of the service detailed in the applicable particular conditions and other applicable conditions.

The user is also responsible for making good use of their user profile and password to access the platform, undertaking to make diligent use of them, and not to make them available to third parties, and to inform ASESOSAE of possible access by an unauthorized third party, so that they can be blocked immediately.

Failure to comply with any of these Conditions may result in the withdrawal or cancellation of services by ASESOSAE, without the need for prior notice and without giving you the right to any type of compensation.

7. Obligations of the ASESORAE provider

ASESORAE is obliged to:

- Provide the service in the manner and according to the characteristics offered through the platform and as provided in the general and specific contracting conditions.
- Adopt appropriate security measures, protecting the confidentiality of the data of your users and/or customers as provided in this text and other applicable legal policies and taking care of the customer with the greatest possible diligence.
- Adopt the security measures that are your own both as a data processor and as a data controller, in view of your intervention and purpose of data processing, established in our privacy policy.
- You will also be responsible for complying with the provisions of the particular conditions of each contracted service.

8. Amendments to these conditions.

ASESORAE may make changes and/or modifications to these conditions, when it deems it appropriate and/or necessary to do so by virtue of market conditions or legal requirements, depending on the regulatory changes that must be applied.

The update and/or modification, however, will be duly informed, communicated and notified to users, always guaranteeing publicity and transparency, as well as respecting the rights of consumers and/or their users.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

The Parties agree that this Agreement will be governed by common Spanish law. The parties, with an express waiver of their own jurisdiction, if any, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for the resolution of any dispute relating to the validity, compliance, interpretation and execution of this contract.

10. Subject to other legal policies and conditions.

These conditions are complemented by the rest of the legal policies established on the website, such as the legal notice, privacy policies and cookies, in addition to the specific contracting conditions applicable to each of our services as well as any other that may need to be added or supplemented, following the provisions of the legislation in force at all times.