Your 100% ONLINE advice goes with you. Take control of your business!

Whenever you want, however you want, from wherever you want.
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Online Tax, Accounting and Labor Consultancy for SMEs and Freelancers in Spain. We adapt to your business needs.

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Your online advice is always available, just like your business

We know, your business never rests, and neither do you.

You need advice to accompany you, to help you manage your company fulfilling your obligations in the fastest, safest and most effective way.

That it's always available when you need it.

Because the world evolves and businesses change, agencies should also adapt to new market needs.

In Advise and we know it and for that reason, we are a tax, accounting and labor advice 100% online, which merges the most avant-garde technology with the services and attention that SMEs and the self-employed need.

So that you can focus on what really matters, grow your business.


From filing your taxes to providing comprehensive advice on all your obligations as a self-employed person at tax, accounting and employment levels. Control the status of your accounts at all times through our App


From filing your company's quarterly and annual taxes to advising you on your employment, tax, accounting or legal obligations. Stay informed with our automatic notification system.


Why Asesorae?

Available 24/7

Access your data whenever you need it with our cloud management system or download our App.

Take control of your business

All information, procedures and documentation always organized. Available just one click away.

100% Secure System

All data is securely encrypted. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Easy to use

Our interface is very easy, navigable and intuitive, even if you don't have technical knowledge. With or without an Internet connection.

Ongoing communication

With our limitless ticket system, you can always stay in touch. And if you need more, we speak via video conference.

Gain peace of mind and freedom

Avoid wasting time and unnecessary expenses on calls or trips. All your paperwork in professional hands.

So you can invest your time in what matters most to you

Forget about the Treasury and Social Security and invest your time in what you consider most important to your business. Wherever you are, with our automated management system you will no longer have to worry. You'll have control of your business from your pocket. And the rest, we'll take care of the rest.


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